Rep-It – The Simple, Stand-Alone CRM!

If you’ve been looking for a stand-alone CRM program that is easy, fast and effective your search is over. Rep-it has been designed by reps for reps. This powerful CRM is encased in a simple and intuitive interface which makes learning and using the program a breeze, while still giving you the essential functionality you need to effectively manage your customers and your daily schedule.

Sick of doing call sheets at the end of each day? Rep-It makes it truly easy, producing call sheets for you with the push of a button that can be emailed to you or your boss. Expenses, appointments, customer notes, sales reports, customer history it’s all here without the need for any other software. No other back to base, expensive CRM host, no additional monthly fees, just Rep-It and your iPhone or iPad.

Plan-It, Record-It, Report-It.
Unlimited number of customers.
Import your existing customer data spreadsheets or enter customers manually.
Sort customers into groups and territories for easy categorization.
Map, track and identify customers and prospects via GPS mapping – an excellent visual planning tool.
Generate reports on anything you enter, anytime you need it.
Including sales history, customer contact history, expense history and more.
Schedule all of your calls, appointments and notifications quickly and easily, Rep-It will remind you of every important event.
Notes can be assigned to specific customers or a general notation log so all your days thoughts can be kept, reviewed and emailed to you at any time.
Produce call sheets with the push of a button that can include photos and audio files.
Track your expenses with Rep-It’s easy Expense Tracker and send you or your boss an expense history with the push of a button.

Rep-It really is the best way yet to manage your customers and prospects. It’s ideal for small companies who don’t have expensive back to base CRM’s, sales reps who are responsible for their own tracking and planning or larger companies who’ve discovered that complex CRMs really don’t get compliance in the field.

Price: $4.99


How IT Works


So how does it work? Simply import your customer details via a spreadsheet or enter them manually to get started. There’s no limit to the number of customers or the amount of data, and everything is stored on your phone so you’re not lost if your internet connection is.

Rep-it allows you to store customers by groups and territories so there is loads of flexibility. Up to 8 different groups can be assigned, so for instance you may have A and B category customers, a group for prospects, customers sorted by product or brand type. You can also save customers into any number of territories which can then be used to build call plans and schedules.


Plan your calls with our integrated GPS mapping feature which shows all of your customers and prospects as colour coded pins on territory or group based maps. You can even send these maps to yourself to use as great visual planning tools or as attachments to sales reports. Planning daily call runs has never been easier. Simply select customers by territory, group or as individual customer entries and place them on the call log. It takes less than a minute to plan an entire days calls!
The Plan-it interface includes your scheduling tools, call sheet generation, mapping tools and the ability to review your entire customer database.


As you make each call, add notes, photos and even recordable voice messages to customer entries on the run sheet. That’s right, with Rep-It you can take photos and record audio messages directly through your iPhone/iPad that will be attached forever to that customer call. Want to show your boss what your competitors are doing on shelf? Attach a photo, got a complex set of instructions for the accounts department that is hard to put down in writing? No problem, attach an audio recording and you’re all done!

Making appointments and scheduling your time is a breeze with Rep-It. Use the pre-defined drop down menu to select the type of appointment, the customer or prospect and the time. Rep-It will remind you of every important event ahead of time and place all scheduled items into your call sheet so you have a comprehensive record of everything you did each and every day.


Report-It quickly and easily with Rep-It. Every note, appointment, expense, sale and customer entry can be reported by date range, customer type or individual record at any time.

When your day is over simply email the completed call sheet to yourself and all the attachments are neatly packaged ready to be reviewed when needed. No more going home and writing up the days calls, the nights are yours again!

Key Features


Customer Relationship Management

Rep-It will provide you with a fast and flexible customer relationship manager that will help you keep track of all your customers while you’re out in the field. You can sort your customers into any groups and Territories you like that suits your industry. All the data is stored locally on your phone, so there is no need to be connected to the internet.


Time Saver

Rep-It will instantly generate your daily run sheets for you each morning, so you know exactly where to go, and who to see every day. You can then enter in the sales call details, order value and order quantity for each customer and can even attach a photo or a voice recording which can then be emailed straight to your boss at the end of the day. No need to write out your days calls on paper, and then have to re-type it all back in when you get home. Think of the time this will save you, that you can spend doing other things besides paperwork!


Personal Assistant

This amazing app will let you schedule meetings or phone calls for specific customers, and it will even send you a reminder so you can’t forget the appointment! Each time a appointment is scheduled, the customer will be automatically added to your daily run sheet for that day, so your boss will know all the good work your doing.


Expense Tracker

The Rep-It app has an inbuilt expense calculator, which makes doing your expenses a breeze. No more having to spend a whole night going through all your receipts and adding them all up, because Rep-It has taken away the hassle. Each time you make a purchase for your company, simply enter in the amount in the correct category (Fuel, Food, Parking, Postage, Accommodation or Others) and Rep-It will remember the date, and will even let you send a report out with all your expenses that you can send straight to the accounts department.


Customer Mapping

We have included into the app a great feature called MAP-IT. This will put a pin-point marker on a map for each of your customers in your database. This will be great for letting you know exactly where your customers are in your territory. This feature will be very useful for helping you find area’s in your territory that you feel might need more customers.



Rep-It will even keep track of all your previous sales calls for each customer and will be able to report on your sales figures so you can know exactly how you are fairing for the week, month or year. This is also a great feature to help you keep track of your commissions that are owed to you.




Getting Started

1. The first step to having the easiest, most useful Mobile CRM in the world is to enter the “START-IT” module and go into the “OPTIONS” menu to choose which currency you want the App to be in. (Note: the default is set to USD). Once you have made your selection, press the “HOME” or “BACK” button to return to the Home Screen.

2. Next, click on the “ADD GROUPS” button and click on one of the text boxes, which are represented with different colours and enter a type of group that you want your customers sorted into. For example, you may want to sort them into A, B or C Grade Customers and Leads or you may want to sort them into different industries, completely up to you. Once you have entered in the different groups, press the “SAVE” button. Now your groups are saved you can press the “BACK” button to go back to the Start-It module again.

3. Click on “ADD TERRITORIES”. This is where you can enter the different territory names and codes you may have for territory that you look after. Simply click on the text box to enter your territory code, and again for your territory name and then click “SAVE”. This will store all your different territories in your REP-IT app which can then easily be assigned to customers in your database. If you wish to delete a territory from your database press the “DELETE” button , and press the “EDIT” button if you need to make any changes to a territory. Don’t forget to press the “SAVE” button afterwards.

4. Now you can add your customer details in for all your customers. There are 2 ways to do this.

A. The first way, is to import your customer list via Dropbox and is very useful if you have lots of customers. You will need to go to and download a free copy of Dropbox. Once you have created your account you are able to use your Dropbox folder as an online storage for your files.

i. Download a copy of the customer template here, and fill out all the details for your customers in the same format as the template. The file must then be saved as a .csv file.

ii. Copy your newly created customer list into your Dropbox folder.

iii. Go into the Rep-It App and click on “LINK DROPBOX” in the settings. This will prompt you to enter your Dropbox details.

iv. Then click on “IMPORT DATABASE”, this will allow you to choose the file that you created to import the customers.

v. Now you just need to go in and assign each customer a group and a territory (that you have previously created) by clicking on “MY CUSTOMERS” in the Plan-It section. Then press “EDIT” and assign the groups and territories, then click on “SAVE”

B. The second way is to manually enter in customer details. Click “ADD CUSTOMER” and start by assigning the already entered groups and territories that you created in step 2 and 3 by clicking on the text box for each to make your selections. Now enter all the details you have for your customer and when you are finished, press the “ADD” button to complete the entry.

Note: If you have lots of customers, and don’t want to enter them in all in one go, then just enter the customers as you go about your work, that way you might only need to enter 10 or so customers a day and you’ll have them entered as soon as your finished your call cycle.

Producing A Run Sheet

Now you have entered your database of customers into your REP-IT app, you can now start generating your daily run sheet each morning by using the “Plan-It” module of the app.

1. Enter the Plan-It module and then press the “GENERATE-IT” button to create your daily run sheet of customers either automatically by territory or manually choosing them yourself.

A. Automatically – simply scroll on to the territory that you are planning on seeing today, and press the “GENERATE” button. This will take you into the Daily Run Sheet page.

B. Manually – When “MANUAL” is selected, it will bring up your list of customers, which you can then add to your daily run sheet, by making sure the box is checked. Once you have selected the customers you want to see for that day, click on the “GENERATE” button below, and this will take you into the Daily Run Sheet page.

2. Now you have your Daily Run Sheet ready, just click on each of the customers names as you visit them during the day, and then enter the details of the call with them, and also order value and order quantity if needed. Make sure to press the “SAVE” button after entering in each customers call details.

3. When you have finished your day’s work, press the “MAIL” button on the daily run sheet page, and this will bring up your inbuilt iPhone or iPad email and you can then send the report straight to your boss to save yourself time.

Note: If your company already has its own CRM that they require you to update every day, then you can still use REP-IT to save you time. When you are finished your days work, simply email yourself the completed daily run sheet and use that to copy and paste the comments and figures into the other CRM.

Scheduling An Appointment

With the REP-IT app you can now schedule meetings or phone calls with your customers, with the click of a few buttons and will be reminded about them, so you never forget.

1. Press the “PLAN-IT” and then “SCHEDULE-IT” buttons to enter into the appointment creation tool.
2. Selected which type of appointment it will be (Meeting, Phone Call or Other) by pressing the “TYPE” button.
3. In the “Store” text box, you can type in a few letters of your customers store name, this will then bring up all the customers with those letters in their name. Once you have selected the customer you want, their phone number will automatically come up for you.
4. Enter any notes that you want to be reminded about the appointment in the “notes” section.
5. Now click the “START” button to bring up the time you wish to be reminded about your meeting or phone call. You can also use the “End” button to block out as long as you want. So if you schedule a meeting from 1pm to 2pm, REP-IT will not let you schedule another appointment in this time, so you don’t double book yourself.
6. Lastly, click the “SAVE” button when you are done, and the appointment will be scheduled for you.

Note: Any appointments that you have scheduled in the “Schedule-It” part of the app, will also be sent into your daily run sheet and will be added to your report at the end of each day. Simply click on either “CALLS” or “APPOINTMENTS” to swap between them.

Tracking Your Expenses

We all know doing our expenses each week or month is one of the worst parts of being a sales representative. Well REP-IT has now made it easy to record and report on your expenses using the Expense Tracker.

1. Click on the “EXPENSE TRACKER” in the Record-It module of the app.
2. You will see today’s date at the top of the screen. Once you have a receipt that you need to claim back, simply enter the amount into any of the pre-defined text boxes (Fuel, Food, Parking etc) and click “SAVE”. This will now remember the date, what type of expense it was, and how much was it.
3. If you want to work out what your expenses were for the month, simply click on “HISTORY” and select the dates that you want to report on, and press “TOTAL”.
4. You can then email this report to your company or to yourself for your own records, by pressing the “MAIL” button.

Note: If you forget to put a receipt in on a particular day, just press the date button at the top of the screen, to select a previous date.

If you require any further help, or need to contact us, please click on this link WWW.REP-IT.CO


1. Google Maps is integrated into this app, and it will let you know exactly where all your customers are. Not only is this great for helping to plan your daily trips to save you time, but it is also a great way for you to see exactly what areas in your territory might be short on customers.
2. In the “Add Groups “section of the app, add in a group for LEADS and use it when you enter any potential customers details in your database. This will let you easily sort between customers, and potential customers easily.
3. If your company already has its own CRM that they require you to update every day, then you can still use REP-IT to save you time. When you are finished your days work, simply email yourself the completed daily run sheet and use that to copy and paste the comments and figures into the other CRM.
4. If you have any receipts that don’t fall under the main 5 categories, then put them in the “Other” section, and write in the “Notes” section what exactly the receipt was for.
5. If your boss would like to see how the product merchandising is looking, or if you want to tell your boss about a competitor’s products on sale, then you can use the Add Photo or Start Recording buttons to attach images or audio recordings straight to your daily run sheet that you can send directly to your boss.
6. Checking your Run Sheet History is great if you need to look back at a past date to see exactly what customers you saw and what they ordered. Or maybe you forgot to email your boss your Run Sheet Report for yesterday? Now you can email him the report again while you’re out on the road.
7. The Customer History section can be used to find a specific customer to see exactly what date you made your last visit, and see what they ordered or if there were any problems the last time you called.
8. Keeping track of your sales for the month, and making sure you are being paid the right commission can sometime be painful. Well the Sales History in the Report-It module will be able to give you your total sales for the week, month or year in seconds!



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